Traditional LTC Insurance - Male - 59, Female - 56*

$130 a day

3 year benefit

90 waiting period

no inflation

Total combined premium = $2215

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*Sample pricing, FL rates. Rates may vary by state and may change.

This informative site is brought to you from LTC Solutions. LTC Solutions is an independent Managing General Agency that has been providing solutions to chronic health care needs (dependency) for over four decades.  The combined experience of our staff is unmatched by any other agency.

As an independent agency, our choice of products, selection of insurance carriers and on-going relationship with the chronic health care provider community are based on the value they bring to the client at the time of claim.  We establish and maintain relationships which provide the client with long-term stability and security.  Our product portfolio includes; long term care insurance, short-term care, linked or combo products, Medicare supplements, life insurance, critical illness and annuities.

Our team is led by George Mellendorf, CLTC, LTCP, President of LTC Solutions.  He holds the CLTC, Certified in Long-Term Care and the LTCP, Long-Term Care Professional designations.  Each of these designations requires extensive training in all aspects of planning and is widely respected in the industry.  George has been an agent for over 40 years and fully understands the impact of dependency.  The emotional and financial toll can be devastating to families.  He is licensed and in compliance in all 50 states.

We have developed this website in addition to several others to help educate and inform the consumer on LTC coverage!  

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Asset Based Long-Term Care InsuranceAsset Based LTC - M​ale - 59, Female - 56*

$130,000 initial death benefit

$3900 month LTC expenses

Total combined premium = $4698

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*Sample pricing, FL rates. Rates may vary by state and may change.